Week Three: What is going on?

Digital Science Communication

June 1st – June 12th – Week 2
Course description: In this course students learn the skills required for modern, digital scientific communications including video production, public speaking in a virtual environment, creating posters, and writing abstracts. Students will review scientific information presented in professional and popular media and will produce drafts of videos, presentations, abstracts, and posters. In addition to learning effective communication, students will learn to evaluate the quality of science presentations available across various media from popular media (news, magazines, blogs) to professional sources (scientific journals).

June 8th

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Program virtual “huddle” with Kendra

Meeting ID: 921 7339 1580 Password: 529212

Topic: Program virtual “huddle”
Start Time : Jun 8, 2020 09:57 AM

Meeting Recording:

OPTIONAL: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM : Virtual VSSA – Faculty Seminar

See the calendar of seminars here: https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/vssa/virtual-vssa-2020/

1:00 PM-3:00 PM: Video Group Update: Learning objective, script, & storyboard

For today’s session please click on the URL for your group:

Group name: Don’t go bacon my heart 

Audience: Our focus is the general public with a focus on minority groups that are disproportionately affected. 

Learning Objective: To educate individuals on the relationship between lifestyle/diet and heart/ cardiovascular health.

Group name: The Fantastic V Scholars 

Audience: General public, women of childbearing age, pregnant women, and African American women

Learning Objective: Educate women and other individuals on the effects of gestational hypertension and preeclampsia during pregnancy and the long term effect on cardiovascular health

Group name: The Heart’s Mind

Audience: General population (non-scientific), with specific emphasis on those afflicted by these issues 

Learning Objective: Educate at risk individuals of the correlation between heart and mind and highlight ways to protect themselves from further complications

Group name: A Heart Worth A Lifetime

Audience: Those most at risk for congenital heart defects as well as those who already have congenital heart defects and their family members 

Learning Objective: Educate those at risk due to family history and advise patients and families with a diagnosis of potential long-term effects and expectations

June 9th

OPTIONAL: Gental Yoga Session

Description: Kaitlin Briana Oliver, Yoga Instructor in Bristol UK
Meeting ID: 2864883911 Password: 0Ygptz

OPTIONAL: SU – Faculty Career Path Talks

Dr. Alison Marsden – https://profiles.stanford.edu/alison-marsden
Dr. Phillip Yang – https://profiles.stanford.edu/phillip-yang

Register in advance for this webinar:

Recording: https://med.stanford.edu/cvi/education/aha-cvi-undergraduate-summer-research-program/resources/webinar-recordings.html – Password: heart@1120

2:00 – 3:00 PM : COVID and Cardiovascular Disease — Josh Beckman MD

 Josh Beckman M.D. 
 COVID and Cardiovascular Disease


OPTIONAL: 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM – SU- Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science Seminar

Buddhadeb Dawn, MD – Professor and Chairman Department of Internal Medicine Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Nevada
Las Vegas School of Medicine

Recording:https://med.stanford.edu/cvi/education/aha-cvi-undergraduate-summer-research-program/resources/webinar-recordings.html – Password: heart@1120

June 10th


June 11th

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM – Career Pathway Talk

Reflections with Dr. Joey Barnett about all recent career talks and pathways. 
Please come prepared to discuss: 

  • What you have already heard?
  • What you would like to hear more about? 
  • Other career options? 

Recording: https://vanderbilt.zoom.us/rec/share/1dF0AO3AxkxJSZ2c0FjPepR6DJ–eaa80HNL-aYFn0cstDmeTxXLjDjhGYf7qwH3

12:00-1:00PM ANIMATION WORKSHOP with Maddie Rice

Maddie Rice

Medical Illustrator and Animator

Master’s Candidate, Biomedical Visualization University of Illinois at Chicago

Maddie is an artist and researcher from the southern U.S., born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and completed her undergraduate career in Mississippi where she received a B.S. in Microbiology. She is currently a master’s candidate in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she specializes in creating 2D and 3D educational graphics for both the public and researchers alike. As an illustrator she collaborates with others to develop visuals for complex life science topics through animation, 3D modeling, molecular visualization, and digital painting. Her work is featured in the Northwestern Public Health Review, Cell Stem Cell, and as the cover of the December 6th issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.


OPTIONAL (highly recommend)2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Personal Development – Describing your science to a lay audience

Facilitators : Wendy White, PhD (Tougaloo College) & Robyn Landry (AHA)

June 12th

OPTIONAL: 12:00 – 1:00 PM – Virtual VSSA – Gap Year

See the calendar of seminars here: https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/vssa/virtual-vssa-2020/

OPTIONAL: AHA Lifelong learning Orientation Virtual Training

Michelle Bruns, AHA National Lifelong Learning Director


Recording: https://heart.zoom.us/rec/play/usV-Iuj5qTk3ToKWtASDVPQvW43rKq2shiEW86cJyUixUXdWZlvwZONDM7PEWZlBmbMMJsdFkbWublgR?continueMode=true Password: 0l^+6e80

Published by Kendra Oliver

I am an experienced scientist passionate about science communication, multi-disciplinary projects, and online learning and engagement approaches. It is critical that we find new strategies to communicate scientific finding and engage the public. Using online learning and visualization methods, I am exploring visual science communication to support online education and science marketing approaches. Although classically trained as a research scientist in pharmacology, I consider myself a science communication designer with skills ranging from project management, pedagogical approaches to online learning, video production, instructional design, and web design. With a foundation as a cross-disciplinary team member, I am interested in developing and utilizing these skills to produce science marketing, communication, and engagement strategies, particularly those at the intersection of art and science.

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