The Effects of Science Communication

By: Kristen Smith

In order for the public to understand what elements are transpiring around us, science must be effectively communicated. Notice how I said “us,” even you, reviewing my writing, should value the way science is communicated. Science communication not only has to be written in a concise manner, suitable for a broad audience, it also has the ability to change the everyday and future livelihood of all mankind. After reading the following Blog Post, it is my sincere desire that you understand why science communication should be valued.

An article published from the International Journal of Science in Society, entitled “The Importance of Science Communication in Today’s Changing World,” states, “Today’s big issues require an unprecedented level of scientific awareness and understanding. Much Google time seems to be required before you can make up your mind on where you stand on climate change, on whether to get that genetic test done before having your family, or even on what to buy in the supermarket for dinner.” In recent times, the internet has become a strong force in the way people not only gather information but the way it is perceived. Often times, science communication can be undervalued, but I believe it should be appreciated now more than ever because of the easy access. The idea of science communication began long ago, ages before these new advancements in technology, but even back in the 15th Century, Gutenburg’s Printing Press was an important advancement in the way science was communicated to the world. With technology immensely advanced now, we must read, educate ourselves, and find ways to become more knowledgeable about what is going on around us. Scientists spend their valuable time, through numerous attempts of research findings and scientific publications to make the world a better place, along with reaching an audience of completely different backgrounds, both culturally and socially diverse. Regardless of our different agendas for the day, some people dedicate their time to inform us of science and what is going on, as it relates to their designated interests. Science communication can be in the form of scientific videos, papers, or other unique medias and often leads to appearing on national and international news across the world. Understanding the extensive process of the way science is communicated, it is my hope that science communication will one day become better appreciated, respected, and taken advantage of, especially because of our current, easily accessible sources to the information.

Whether it is realized or not, science communication has become the forefront of informing us about the benefits, risks, and other consequences of our decisions. In everyday life, science communication allows us to make better-educated decisions and allows our private and public decisions to be solidified. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but science findings and the communication of these findings have significant effects on even our own opinions. When battling different illnesses, science communication has the ability to comfort us in knowing many of the biological processes in simpler terms for non-scientists to understand what is really going on and potentially why that is why I believe it is essential to become better educated on the information that is offered to us. With the recent pandemic outbreak, Coronavirus has become a search trend on many search engines across the country. Science communication has definitely become important now because everyone around the world has become interested in factors such as symptoms, preventions, and treatments of the Coronavirus. Science communication also plays significant roles on the future endeavors of our society as well. World leaders, policy, and law-makers depend on scientific evidence because it supports many solutions to issues we are currently and could potentially face in the future.

Whether a researcher, scientist, or an individual disinterested in science, we should truly take advantage of the access we have to scientific findings and ongoing scientific research. I believe science communication is crucial because right at our fingertips, right in front of us, we are able to become aware of issues far greater than ourselves. Important information that goes beyond our designated everyday lives, information that contains life expectancy findings, information on where we reside, on the products we use, potential dangers and health risks. Being able to become more knowledgable on the advancements, as well as the setbacks within the science community has made me greatly appreciate scientists that are effectively communicating with the public. Not only does myself, my family, my peers and my community depend on effective science communication for our personal, everyday tasks and circumstances, our lives depend on these research findings. Sadly, not everyone has access to the science that is communicated yet, but I can ensure you, somewhere, perhaps there are public health researchers trying to figure out how to resolve this issue. With science communication, the primary goal is to reach an audience, and for that audience to not even fully understand, but understand enough to educate someone else. With the repeated process, eventually science will have become communicated to such large audiences, that mostly everyone will have heard about the science information spread. It is such a beautiful, even phenomenal process, and surely when individuals are informed of scientific information, they are taking the necessary precautions for the betterment of themselves, as well as their surrounding environment. Future generations depend on scientific findings, and as science communication continues to become even more readily available to us, we will be able to improve the world, one effective science communication effort at a time. 233720350_Talking_with_Barmaids_The_Importance_of_Science_Communication_in_Today’s_ Changing_World/links/02e7e5191556470911000000.pdf 

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