Thinking about thinking.

I took a Critical Thinking course the freshman year of my college career. It is still one of my favorite classes to date. I define Critical thinking as simply thinking about thinking. In the past ten weeks, that is exactly what I have done. This summer experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have honed my critical thinking skills in the scientific field. I now understand the importance of knowing your audience when communicating information. I also understand the need to have experts give you feedback on your work as many times as possible.

Every experience has been a blessing; from the program huddle at the beginning of each week to listening to various established professionals in the scientific field. This internship has made the future seem brighter to me. Knowing that I am not alone or the first to embark on this journey of creating a more equitable world in the healthcare industry gives me all the motivation I need.

All my peers that participated in the program brought so much life to the program even though everything was virtual. I feel confident to say that I have ‘met’ people that I can call on for advice when in need. The mentors have been nothing short of amazing. I intend to keep in touch with them for as long as I can.

Critical thinking skills are crucial competencies any physician should possess. When making difficult decisions about a patient’s treatment plan, I will need them. Even seemingly simple decisions like what specialty I decide to pursue require critical thinking skills. I am thankful that this summer program has greatly contributed to my evolution and rebranding.

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