My Experience

During this experience I have learned a lot primarily about digital communication and how to work on a project with others in a virtual format.  I have also learned about how hypertension affects pregnancy and how this disproportionately affects minority populations.  Critical thinking was an important skill needed to learn what I have learned this summer.  I had to critically evaluate what research sources that me and my group should use in our project.  When compiling a presentation of the data, I’ve had to use critical thinking in order to decide what metrics to include in my specific presentation and how they are relevant to my chosen hypothesis.  

In the future I think I will be much more comfortable doing research related tasks on a computer.  Such as data analysis, video animation, and virtual communication with my peers. This summer has taught me the huge importance of being able to communicate in lay terms in order to advance science and improve communication with the rest of the world.  Another issue that came to light for me this summer is how science is not really well advertised to the general public like it was during the space race in the 1960s.  We now have access to all the information we want, but the new issue is trying to verify that information.  So getting people interested in science and also showing them how to get reliable information is now something of interest to me in my career as a scientist. 

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