Finding my Niche

Since I was an elementary school student, I have always found science related subjects to be easier to conceptualize because, despite its jargonistic terminology and very detailed concepts, there always seemed to be a straightforward answer. At least with all the basic elementary sciences we were learning, things seemed to be black and white withContinue reading “Finding my Niche”

Cardiovascular Health Disparities and Structural Competencies

By: Alexis Edmonds Structural competency is the ability for health professionals to understand how symptom expression and disease can be affected by various social determinants of health and public policy.  This concept can be beneficial to cardiovascular health and disease research because we are aware of the fact that a wide range of cardiovascular diseases,Continue reading “Cardiovascular Health Disparities and Structural Competencies”

The Efforts of Science Communication Today

By: Alexis Edmonds Whether we recognize it or not, each of us are part of a world that is consistently evolving. We tend to hear of a new disease or cure every so often, or an unidentified species of fish or bacteria that has been newly discovered. Previously accepted methods of treatment or diagnosis becomeContinue reading “The Efforts of Science Communication Today”