Structural Competency in Healthcare

By: Bianca Walker Both structural and  cultural  competency  have  an  overwhelming  effect  on  cardiovascular health and disease research. The textbook definition of structural competency can be described as  the  ability  of  health  care  providers  to  appreciate  how  health  problems,  diseases,  attitudes toward  a  patient  or  population,  and  health  systems  are influenced  by  social  determinants  ofContinue reading “Structural Competency in Healthcare”

Disconnect of Science Communication

By: Bianca Walker What exactly is science communication and why is there such a disconnect between scientist and the general public? Communication can be defined as the exchange of information which can be relayed by talking, demonstrations, PowerPoints, posters, etc. People are generally good communicators, but when it comes to science, things get a little more complicated. As aContinue reading “Disconnect of Science Communication”