Sharpening My Critical Thinking Through A Virtual Experience

Over a person’s lifetime it is essential to develop critical thinking skills, it allows us to come up with effective and creative ideas as well as make important decisions on an infinite number of settings. In academic research it is no different, it is significant to possess the ability to analyze the way you think and presentContinue reading “Sharpening My Critical Thinking Through A Virtual Experience”

Finding my Niche: Biomedical Engineering

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez Lifetimes are filled with anger, sadness, fear and despair but they are also full of joy, serenity, hope and love. It’s all part of life, and life is hard. Life doesn’t come with a set of instructions, but everyone will experience these ups and down, from everyday challenges to traumatic events.Continue reading “Finding my Niche: Biomedical Engineering”

Cardiovascular Heath Disparities and Structural Competency

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the health care landscape, highlighting an even larger issue of racial/ethnic disparities in health. Rates of adverse outcomes related to COVID-19 can be mapped into zip codes, showing how socioeconomically disadvantaged communities are more vulnerable towards this virus. Some of these individuals don’t possess the optionContinue reading “Cardiovascular Heath Disparities and Structural Competency”

Science Communication

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez Most people think about the word “science”, they almost instantly have their minds filled with images of goggled scientists with lab coats and crazy hair examining a bubbling flask. Although it’s a definite way to picture this concept, science is so much more. Science is literally everywhere from gardening to eatingContinue reading “Science Communication”