Week 11: What is going on?

Final Week! 3 minute videos due, final posters due, blog post due, virtual conference on Friday! Blog Post 4 Talk about your experience this summer in terms of how your critical thinking abilities have developed through your summer research project.  We have rapidly approached the end of our summer experience. During the last ten weeks,Continue reading “Week 11: What is going on?”

Week Eight: What is going on?

Experimental Design and Hypothesis Testing iBiology Let’s Experiment – Experimental design and hypothesis testing What is the scientific method? How do you ask a “good” scientific questions? What characteristics go into creating a logically sound hypothesis? A well-designed and constructed experiment will be robust under questioning and will focus criticism on conclusions, rather than potential experimentalContinue reading “Week Eight: What is going on?”

Week Six: What is going on?

Week 2- Planning Your Scientific Journey A Process to Develop a Research Project Developing a process – We emphasize in this lesson how developing a scientific question doesn’t happen without concerted effort. A person needs to dedicate space and time to work on it. This lesson takes you through an example process of how oneContinue reading “Week Six: What is going on?”