C’Aira’s Summer Experience

This summer research experience has opened my eyes to possibilities that I was not even aware of. Going into the summer project I felt like the underdog. I had just completed my first year of college and did not have any research experience like some of my peers. I learned that just because I didContinue reading “C’Aira’s Summer Experience”

Science as an Act of Self-Expression

By: C’Aira Dillard Being a part of the PAECER-SURE summer program has allowed me to see all of what science has to offer. Before this summer program I had not been exposed to much science research or mastered any techniques. The most science exposure I had was through my freshman chemistry and biology labs. OnceContinue reading “Science as an Act of Self-Expression”

COVID-19 and Structural Competency

By: C’Aira Dillard In the title, three is a term that has been used periodically during these COVID-19 times. According to Dr. Jonathan Metzl, structural competency “calls on methods from sociology, economics, urban planning, and other disciplines to systematically train health care professionals and others to recognize ways that institutions, neighborhood conditions, market forces, publicContinue reading “COVID-19 and Structural Competency”

Science Communication in Today’s Age

  By: C’Aira Dillard Science communication is so important in today’s world because science is something that is used in everyone’s daily lives and majority of individuals do not understand it. Everything revolves around science. Oceans, the brain, energy, nature, and anything else you could think of. Until I started this program, I had neverContinue reading “Science Communication in Today’s Age”