The Summer That Honed My Critical Thinking Skills

By Davin Means Critical thinking is ingrained within every aspect of daily life. However, I never believed that my critical thinking skills could be stretched, exercised, and  employed in a virtual setting as extensively as it has been with the Vanderbilt AHA PAECER SURE Program. Every workday within this program became a question of “howContinue reading “The Summer That Honed My Critical Thinking Skills”

My Journey in Scientific Self Expression

By Davin Means One thing that Dr. Yamamoto emphasized within the course, Planning Your Scientific Journey, was that individuality and diversity is an absolute necessity within the realm of science. A diversity in thinking, approaches, and backgrounds allows for a conglomerate of unique perspectives that challenges the limits of the known. Diversity in thought isContinue reading “My Journey in Scientific Self Expression”

Structural Competency: A Societal Necessity

By Davin Means Various social determinants, biases, inequities and blind spots within daily living can affect the health of an individual, years upstream to the development of illness. Variables such as race, class, discriminatory housing, employment, education, income, criminal justice, and healthcare, all are important factors that impact future patients long before they enter theContinue reading “Structural Competency: A Societal Necessity”

The Necessity of Effective Scientific Communication Within an Informed Society

By Davin Means The overarching goal of research and the pursuit of science is to develop concepts that explain how the world works. However once these concepts are developed and information is obtained, the next step is usually the application of this knowledge to our world and daily lives. Furthermore, today’s cutting edge research andContinue reading “The Necessity of Effective Scientific Communication Within an Informed Society”