My Experience

During this experience I have learned a lot primarily about digital communication and how to work on a project with others in a virtual format.  I have also learned about how hypertension affects pregnancy and how this disproportionately affects minority populations.  Critical thinking was an important skill needed to learn what I have learned thisContinue reading “My Experience”

Finding My Niche

By: Dimitri Johnson     Science is an act of self expression for me because I’m a deeply curious person and I have many questions about life.  These questions are usually answerable by science or science can give me a brief introduction to whatever pathway I am interested in.  My specific scientific interests lie with theContinue reading “Finding My Niche”

Health Disparities and Structural Competency

By Dimitri Johnson In the United States, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.  Disparities in medical care across minority groups.  The way medical professionals are trained can have a negative impact on the health outcomes in patients of low socioeconomic status. Another area to explore in resolving health disparities is new clinical politicsContinue reading “Health Disparities and Structural Competency”

Science Communication

By: Dimitri Johnson Historically, science and politics have not mixed well because scientists couldn’t communicate science well enough. For the past hundred years or so science has been very important in our everyday lives, but many people do not see this. There was a time when much of the general public was interested in science.Continue reading “Science Communication”