The Importance of Structural Competencies

Structural competencies are fundamental ideals that health professionals should hold surrounding the social determinants of health that affect disease. It is important to keep disparities involving education, income, housing, and various other environmental factors in mind when treating patients because these factors disproportionately affect minorities and make them more susceptible to certain illnesses. This isContinue reading “The Importance of Structural Competencies”

Analyzing Medicare Advantage Cost-Sharing for Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

By: Daniella Pena This summer I worked on a research project analyzing Medicare Advantage (MA) cost-sharing for cardiac rehabilitation services. These services are focused on helping heart attack survivors and other patients with severe cardiovascular disease resume normal functioning after a cardiovascular event. The main component of cardiac rehabilitation is exercise training, but nutritional educationContinue reading “Analyzing Medicare Advantage Cost-Sharing for Cardiac Rehabilitation Services”

Finding my Niche: Health Policy

By: Daniella Pena My interest in science came at a young age when I discovered a show called Mystery Diagnosis in the third grade. Each episode featured a patient that had unfortunately developed an extremely rare condition, so rare that most doctors couldn’t accurately diagnose it. Each attempt to do so resulted in the diseaseContinue reading “Finding my Niche: Health Policy”

Innovation and Communication

By: Daniella Pena Science communication is particularly essential in today’s world because we are constantly making breakthroughs in various fields. Without communication, this progress would essentially be nonexistent because science is only useful when people have access to it. News outlets typically focus on crime, politics, and nationwide occurrences, often leaving science out of manyContinue reading “Innovation and Communication”