Finding my niche: Neuroscience

By: Hector Haddock-Martinez When I was in High School, I participated in a summer research experience through the NIH STEP-UP program. I was assigned to work under the guidance of Dr. James Porter, a neuroscientist who studies fear memory in rats. When I walked into Dr. Porter’s lab the first day of June, I hadContinue reading “Finding my niche: Neuroscience”

Structural Competency in my Media Project

By: Hector Haddock-Martinez Unfortunately, there are evident inequalities and inequities in the overall health of the US population. Race, education level, social status, and even zip codes continuously dictate the health risks of individuals. These conditions are known as the social determinants of health. Although medical facilities and technology have increased significantly in the pastContinue reading “Structural Competency in my Media Project”

Science Communication: it’s difficult to be simple

By: Hector Haddock As biomedical scientists, we should always stride towards the same goal: to impact our communities through our work. Whether we are future physicians or basic researchers, our work will ultimately provide us with a platform from which we can significantly improve the lives of those around us. However, in order for usContinue reading “Science Communication: it’s difficult to be simple”