An Unforgettable Research Experience

As a PAECER summer research scholar, I have had the opportunity to strengthen and better develop my critical thinking skills. I plan to use these lifelong skills for my future endeavors. Being able to receive critical feedback has given me the ability to delve deeper and has even changed my perspective on my “best” work.Continue reading “An Unforgettable Research Experience”

Finding Your Niche

By: Kristen Smith It has always been instilled in me the act of service. From establishing my own community service club on Tougaloo College campus in 2018 to serving free lunch meals at my local community kitchen, I am always finding a way to engage in community service. I have always been interested in theContinue reading “Finding Your Niche”

Structural Competency and Cardiovascular Health

By: Kristen Smith A well known quote states, “… your zip code or socioeconomic status should never determine the quality of your education…” Sadly, the harsh reality is while the quote promotes fairness and health equity, there are still many improvements to be made and the gradual change will take time. On a global aspect,Continue reading “Structural Competency and Cardiovascular Health”

The Effects of Science Communication

By: Kristen Smith In order for the public to understand what elements are transpiring around us, science must be effectively communicated. Notice how I said “us,” even you, reviewing my writing, should value the way science is communicated. Science communication not only has to be written in a concise manner, suitable for a broad audience,Continue reading “The Effects of Science Communication”