A Memorable Summer Experience

 Working on my research throughout the summer, I improved and developed skills that I could apply in my future research, specifically critical thinking. Before this program, I was aware that critical thinking played in research. However, I underestimated its crucial role at every step of the process. As a critical thinker, I learned that IContinue reading “A Memorable Summer Experience”

Finding My Niche: My Journey in Science

By: Logan Long Self-expression is something that is incorporated in every aspect of our daily lives. There are endless ways people can express themselves whether it’s through their clothes, how they style their hair, how they act, or even how they talk. Ultimately, self-expression should be individually guided and not something pre-determined by others. ItContinue reading “Finding My Niche: My Journey in Science”

Importance of Structural competencies in Cardiovascular Health

By: Logan Long Disparities in the U.S. health-care system has become a consistent issue in America. Currently, the U.S. spends more on health-care per capita compared to any other country in the world. Yet, we rank below most developed countries in health-care outcomes due to inequalities in health-care. Research shows that health-care disparities in socioeconomicContinue reading “Importance of Structural competencies in Cardiovascular Health”

Importance of Science Communication in Today’s Society

By: Logan Long Today almost every aspect of our lives consists of science, whether through healthcare, housing, the environment we live in, the food we eat, or even the cars we drive. More than ever, the need for science is evident, especially amidst the COVID pandemic.  Effective science communication has the power to ignite aContinue reading “Importance of Science Communication in Today’s Society”