Finding My Niche in Medicine

By: Madelyn Terhune When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals so caring for them felt like the logical choice. High school changed that. I’ve always liked science, but love for it grew when I took a medical science course in my freshman year at Henrietta Lacks High Health andContinue reading “Finding My Niche in Medicine”

CV Health disparities and structural competencies 

By: Madelyn Terhune Structural Competency is a newer approach that helps to educate health professionals on the relationship between social determinates of health and symptom expressions. It is important to teach this because there are many inequalities in the health care system and many disorders disproportionately affect minorities. Minority groups are actually at a higherContinue reading “CV Health disparities and structural competencies “

Science Communication

By: Madelyn Terhune Science communication is just as the name says, communicating science. Scientists are constantly communicating science whether writing scientific papers or giving presentations. It is important for them to communicate effectively because a lot of their information can be used to explain things in the world. When the information is communicated effectively itContinue reading “Science Communication”