The Essence of Structural Competency and Incorporation in Media Project.

By: Vivian Iloabuchi Simply put, structural competency in healthcare aims to educate healthcare professionals on how various social determinants of health can affect health outcomes. It creates room for both the analysis of elements that influence health disparities and the implementation of healthcare mediation to curb those disparities. Structural competency intends to discover ways toContinue reading “The Essence of Structural Competency and Incorporation in Media Project.”

The Importance of Structural Competencies

Structural competencies are fundamental ideals that health professionals should hold surrounding the social determinants of health that affect disease. It is important to keep disparities involving education, income, housing, and various other environmental factors in mind when treating patients because these factors disproportionately affect minorities and make them more susceptible to certain illnesses. This isContinue reading “The Importance of Structural Competencies”

Cardiovascular Health Disparities and Structural Competencies

By: Alexis Edmonds Structural competency is the ability for health professionals to understand how symptom expression and disease can be affected by various social determinants of health and public policy.  This concept can be beneficial to cardiovascular health and disease research because we are aware of the fact that a wide range of cardiovascular diseases,Continue reading “Cardiovascular Health Disparities and Structural Competencies”

Cardiovascular Heath Disparities and Structural Competency

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the health care landscape, highlighting an even larger issue of racial/ethnic disparities in health. Rates of adverse outcomes related to COVID-19 can be mapped into zip codes, showing how socioeconomically disadvantaged communities are more vulnerable towards this virus. Some of these individuals don’t possess the optionContinue reading “Cardiovascular Heath Disparities and Structural Competency”

Minimizing the Effects of Social Determinants of Health by Incorporating Structural Competency

By: Ximena Leon COVID-19 has brought light to the inequalities and inequities caused by discriminatory systems in the U.S. Moreover, COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerable populations through each of the stages of the virus including information dissemination, viral transmission, quarantine, and reopening. Marginalized and minoritized communities have increased health risks due to differences in race,Continue reading “Minimizing the Effects of Social Determinants of Health by Incorporating Structural Competency”

Nipping it in the Bud: Looking to the Roots of Health Disparities in Structural Systems

By: Grace Garrett The human race is 99.9% identical on a molecular, genetic level. The cause of an illness in an individual person may be molecularly based, but it doesn’t explain differences in burden of illness and injury for entire groups of people. The social determinants of health are social, environmental, and interpersonal factors that influence a person’sContinue reading “Nipping it in the Bud: Looking to the Roots of Health Disparities in Structural Systems”

CV Health disparities and structural competencies 

By: Madelyn Terhune Structural Competency is a newer approach that helps to educate health professionals on the relationship between social determinates of health and symptom expressions. It is important to teach this because there are many inequalities in the health care system and many disorders disproportionately affect minorities. Minority groups are actually at a higherContinue reading “CV Health disparities and structural competencies “

Importance of Structural competencies in Cardiovascular Health

By: Logan Long Disparities in the U.S. health-care system has become a consistent issue in America. Currently, the U.S. spends more on health-care per capita compared to any other country in the world. Yet, we rank below most developed countries in health-care outcomes due to inequalities in health-care. Research shows that health-care disparities in socioeconomicContinue reading “Importance of Structural competencies in Cardiovascular Health”

Structural Competency in Healthcare

By: Bianca Walker Both structural and  cultural  competency  have  an  overwhelming  effect  on  cardiovascular health and disease research. The textbook definition of structural competency can be described as  the  ability  of  health  care  providers  to  appreciate  how  health  problems,  diseases,  attitudes toward  a  patient  or  population,  and  health  systems  are influenced  by  social  determinants  ofContinue reading “Structural Competency in Healthcare”

Structural Competency: A Societal Necessity

By Davin Means Various social determinants, biases, inequities and blind spots within daily living can affect the health of an individual, years upstream to the development of illness. Variables such as race, class, discriminatory housing, employment, education, income, criminal justice, and healthcare, all are important factors that impact future patients long before they enter theContinue reading “Structural Competency: A Societal Necessity”