An Opportunity of a Lifetime: Reimaging the Framework of Research

The 2020 Vanderbilt PAECER-SURE program was built from critical thinking by our program facilitators, Joey Barnett, Ph.D., and Kendra Oliver, Ph.D.. They had to completely reimagine what was intended to be an immersive summer of research in the lab. Their ability to adapt this program into a totally virtual setting while maintaining the components ofContinue reading “An Opportunity of a Lifetime: Reimaging the Framework of Research”

A Memorable Summer Experience

 Working on my research throughout the summer, I improved and developed skills that I could apply in my future research, specifically critical thinking. Before this program, I was aware that critical thinking played in research. However, I underestimated its crucial role at every step of the process. As a critical thinker, I learned that IContinue reading “A Memorable Summer Experience”

The Summer That Honed My Critical Thinking Skills

By Davin Means Critical thinking is ingrained within every aspect of daily life. However, I never believed that my critical thinking skills could be stretched, exercised, and  employed in a virtual setting as extensively as it has been with the Vanderbilt AHA PAECER SURE Program. Every workday within this program became a question of “howContinue reading “The Summer That Honed My Critical Thinking Skills”

Thinking about thinking.

I took a Critical Thinking course the freshman year of my college career. It is still one of my favorite classes to date. I define Critical thinking as simply thinking about thinking. In the past ten weeks, that is exactly what I have done. This summer experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.Continue reading “Thinking about thinking.”

C’Aira’s Summer Experience

This summer research experience has opened my eyes to possibilities that I was not even aware of. Going into the summer project I felt like the underdog. I had just completed my first year of college and did not have any research experience like some of my peers. I learned that just because I didContinue reading “C’Aira’s Summer Experience”

An Internship That Taught me Science, Networking, and Most Importantly – Confidence

By: Alexandra Filipkwoski “Dear Alexandra, please find that attached letter of acceptance into our summer program at Vanderbilt. From, Dr. Joey Barnett.” My heart dropped. I had to sit down and re-read the email to indeed make sure this wasn’t some nicely worded rejection letter.  I had done it – I had gotten accepted toContinue reading “An Internship That Taught me Science, Networking, and Most Importantly – Confidence”

Analyzing Medicare Advantage Cost-Sharing for Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

By: Daniella Pena This summer I worked on a research project analyzing Medicare Advantage (MA) cost-sharing for cardiac rehabilitation services. These services are focused on helping heart attack survivors and other patients with severe cardiovascular disease resume normal functioning after a cardiovascular event. The main component of cardiac rehabilitation is exercise training, but nutritional educationContinue reading “Analyzing Medicare Advantage Cost-Sharing for Cardiac Rehabilitation Services”