Health Disparities and Structural Competency

By Dimitri Johnson In the United States, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.  Disparities in medical care across minority groups.  The way medical professionals are trained can have a negative impact on the health outcomes in patients of low socioeconomic status. Another area to explore in resolving health disparities is new clinical politicsContinue reading “Health Disparities and Structural Competency”

Science Communication

By: Madelyn Terhune Science communication is just as the name says, communicating science. Scientists are constantly communicating science whether writing scientific papers or giving presentations. It is important for them to communicate effectively because a lot of their information can be used to explain things in the world. When the information is communicated effectively itContinue reading “Science Communication”

Science Communication

By: Alexander Martinez Lopez Most people think about the word “science”, they almost instantly have their minds filled with images of goggled scientists with lab coats and crazy hair examining a bubbling flask. Although it’s a definite way to picture this concept, science is so much more. Science is literally everywhere from gardening to eatingContinue reading “Science Communication”

Science Communication: it’s difficult to be simple

By: Hector Haddock As biomedical scientists, we should always stride towards the same goal: to impact our communities through our work. Whether we are future physicians or basic researchers, our work will ultimately provide us with a platform from which we can significantly improve the lives of those around us. However, in order for usContinue reading “Science Communication: it’s difficult to be simple”

Science Communication

Brandon Brown As an aspiring physician scientist, science communication is important to me in every way. It’s important to understand that when it comes to science, communication is key. As most of us know or experience, one of the main obstacles that we as scientists face is finding the best way to present biomedical researchContinue reading “Science Communication”

Science Communication

By: Dimitri Johnson Historically, science and politics have not mixed well because scientists couldn’t communicate science well enough. For the past hundred years or so science has been very important in our everyday lives, but many people do not see this. There was a time when much of the general public was interested in science.Continue reading “Science Communication”

The Efforts of Science Communication Today

By: Alexis Edmonds Whether we recognize it or not, each of us are part of a world that is consistently evolving. We tend to hear of a new disease or cure every so often, or an unidentified species of fish or bacteria that has been newly discovered. Previously accepted methods of treatment or diagnosis becomeContinue reading “The Efforts of Science Communication Today”

Increasing Scientific Accessibility and Interest to Shape Our Future

By: Grace Garrett Scientific discoveries change the way we live our lives every day. Unfortunately, although science permeates every aspect of our lives, it is not becoming any easier to access. Between 1989 and 2001, the number of newspapers including a science section shrank by two thirds, and in five hours of televised news, there mayContinue reading “Increasing Scientific Accessibility and Interest to Shape Our Future”

The Importance of Science Communication

By: Brandon Brown It’s important to understand that when it comes to science, communication is key. As most of us know or experience, one of the main obstacles that we as scientists face is finding the best way to present biomedical research to the general public. Of course, the goal is to become as clearContinue reading “The Importance of Science Communication”

The Necessity of Diversity in Scientific Communication

By: Guyton Harvey I still vividly remember the day I chose to not pursue a career in science.  It may, however, be more accurate to say that decision was made for me.   Sometime in April of 2015, my sophomore year in high school, I sat down with my Algebra II teacher to discuss my performanceContinue reading “The Necessity of Diversity in Scientific Communication”