Science Communication in Today’s Age

  By: C’Aira Dillard Science communication is so important in today’s world because science is something that is used in everyone’s daily lives and majority of individuals do not understand it. Everything revolves around science. Oceans, the brain, energy, nature, and anything else you could think of. Until I started this program, I had neverContinue reading “Science Communication in Today’s Age”

Communicate Your Purpose by Bridging the Gap

By: Ximena Leon To be a successful scientist you have to be a successful science communicator. Too often, scientists are so passionate about their work that they can forget about the importance of effective communication. Effective communication is critical for the audience to understand the message, reflect on the purpose, and take action. The audienceContinue reading “Communicate Your Purpose by Bridging the Gap”

The Necessity of Effective Scientific Communication Within an Informed Society

By Davin Means The overarching goal of research and the pursuit of science is to develop concepts that explain how the world works. However once these concepts are developed and information is obtained, the next step is usually the application of this knowledge to our world and daily lives. Furthermore, today’s cutting edge research andContinue reading “The Necessity of Effective Scientific Communication Within an Informed Society”

Importance of Science Communication in Today’s Society

By: Logan Long Today almost every aspect of our lives consists of science, whether through healthcare, housing, the environment we live in, the food we eat, or even the cars we drive. More than ever, the need for science is evident, especially amidst the COVID pandemic.  Effective science communication has the power to ignite aContinue reading “Importance of Science Communication in Today’s Society”

Disconnect of Science Communication

By: Bianca Walker What exactly is science communication and why is there such a disconnect between scientist and the general public? Communication can be defined as the exchange of information which can be relayed by talking, demonstrations, PowerPoints, posters, etc. People are generally good communicators, but when it comes to science, things get a little more complicated. As aContinue reading “Disconnect of Science Communication”

The Effects of Science Communication

By: Kristen Smith In order for the public to understand what elements are transpiring around us, science must be effectively communicated. Notice how I said “us,” even you, reviewing my writing, should value the way science is communicated. Science communication not only has to be written in a concise manner, suitable for a broad audience,Continue reading “The Effects of Science Communication”

The Power of Scientific Communication for the Young Girl

By: Alexandra Flipkowski “What do you want to pursue in college?” said my 12th grade anatomy teacher. “I don’t know yet” I shyly mumbled despite fully knowing I wanted to be a doctor and pursue the pre-med route. Well, why didn’t I just tell my high school teacher I wanted to pursue pre-med? The answerContinue reading “The Power of Scientific Communication for the Young Girl”

Innovation and Communication

By: Daniella Pena Science communication is particularly essential in today’s world because we are constantly making breakthroughs in various fields. Without communication, this progress would essentially be nonexistent because science is only useful when people have access to it. News outlets typically focus on crime, politics, and nationwide occurrences, often leaving science out of manyContinue reading “Innovation and Communication”

Media Projects

Working with a team to create a media project that are: No longer than 10-minutes and video-based The video should distill information from the primary literature to communicate the latest scientific understanding of a pressing topic related to cardiovascular disease research. You and your team will need to: Critically analyze the literature Develop a clearContinue reading “Media Projects”