An Unforgettable Research Experience

As a PAECER summer research scholar, I have had the opportunity to strengthen and better develop my critical thinking skills. I plan to use these lifelong skills for my future endeavors. Being able to receive critical feedback has given me the ability to delve deeper and has even changed my perspective on my “best” work.Continue reading “An Unforgettable Research Experience”

My Experience

During this experience I have learned a lot primarily about digital communication and how to work on a project with others in a virtual format.  I have also learned about how hypertension affects pregnancy and how this disproportionately affects minority populations.  Critical thinking was an important skill needed to learn what I have learned thisContinue reading “My Experience”

Thinking about thinking.

I took a Critical Thinking course the freshman year of my college career. It is still one of my favorite classes to date. I define Critical thinking as simply thinking about thinking. In the past ten weeks, that is exactly what I have done. This summer experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.Continue reading “Thinking about thinking.”

Week 11: What is going on?

Final Week! 3 minute videos due, final posters due, blog post due, virtual conference on Friday! Blog Post 4 Talk about your experience this summer in terms of how your critical thinking abilities have developed through your summer research project.  We have rapidly approached the end of our summer experience. During the last ten weeks,Continue reading “Week 11: What is going on?”

An Internship That Taught me Science, Networking, and Most Importantly – Confidence

By: Alexandra Filipkwoski “Dear Alexandra, please find that attached letter of acceptance into our summer program at Vanderbilt. From, Dr. Joey Barnett.” My heart dropped. I had to sit down and re-read the email to indeed make sure this wasn’t some nicely worded rejection letter.  I had done it – I had gotten accepted toContinue reading “An Internship That Taught me Science, Networking, and Most Importantly – Confidence”

Finding Your Niche

By: Kristen Smith It has always been instilled in me the act of service. From establishing my own community service club on Tougaloo College campus in 2018 to serving free lunch meals at my local community kitchen, I am always finding a way to engage in community service. I have always been interested in theContinue reading “Finding Your Niche”

You’re invited to our live launch on Facebook or Zoom!

Our summer internship has focused on exploring various topics related to cardiovascular health disparities and inequities. This work culminated in students-produced videos addressing aspects of cardiovascular disease and the complexities that underlie health disparities. These topics range from identifying the effects of maternal smoking on the likeliness of birthing a preterm baby, heart-healthy diets andContinue reading “You’re invited to our live launch on Facebook or Zoom!”